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50% Aesir
50% Olympian
100% Warrior

When a dairy factory heist goes horribly wrong, fifteen year old Maximus Turner’s life is changed forever. He discovers that he is the two-tone godly son of the Norse goddess of serenity; Fridr and the Olympian god of the sun; Apollo. No sooner than he is told, his father is taken from him and he ends up an orphan. He is enlisted into Moonrise Academy for Heroes and demigods and vows to make his father’s killer die at his hand, the only problem is that the killer is a god

Add to that a mysterious prophecy that foretells of a final battle on Mount Olympus, it is plain to see that Maximus Turner’s journey is only just beginning and in Delta, he discovers something else; he isn’t only a warrior, he’s a Leader!
50% Aesir, 50% Olympian, 100% Warrior
The Last Child of Asgard; Delta
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