When I first came across the October Trilogy series by Heahter Killough Walden I was a little hesitant on reading it. I though since it was for young adults it would fail to capture my attention and would be something more slanted towards my teenage children. I am happy to say I couldn't have been more wrong. I had been a fan of HKW's work for a while and when I picked up the first book, I am Sam, in the October Trilogy. I put aside my hesitation and gave it a fair shot. I found my self pleasantly surprised as I continued to turn the pages and get lost in this world she weaved of magic and wonder that brings Halloween to life. I found myself not only unable to put down the first book till the last page but also hurrying to get the second the moment it was released. I have now shared this series with my teenage sons and they shared it with their friends. If your a parent that wants to share the magic of reading with your teenage this is a series for you or if your just looking for a series of magic and wonder that will keep you spellbound from the first page then this series is what your looking for. 
The first book, I am Sam, is about a 17 yr old girl named Logan Wright, who finds an escape from her troubled life through writing. She creates dangerous yet handsome male characters that search and fight for their chosen mates. While this is normally a safe outlet for the stresses of her life, Logan soon discovers just how much power the written word holds. When an ancient force is released and uses young Logan's stories to take shape she finds herself the desire of a young man that is everything she ever dreamed of. Sam Hain is tall dark and handsome but is he really all that Logan wanted or is he something more then she expected. Logan and her friends have one month, till the end of October to figure out how to set things right and save Logan from the boy of her dreams or is it her nightmares. Be sure to look for the second book in this series as well Secretly Sam and the third installment that has yet to be released Suddenly Sam. These books can be found at Barnes and Noble and Amazon.