Sorry -- I spaced this out again!

wernoclue:  In the meantime, Rema -- did you read Joe?

Olle:  I wouldn't want someone to write a book about me in high school.

Blanchard:  What's the Newline box mean?

beachgal:  yes

Blanchard:  I wouldn't either, Olle.

beachgal:  Liked it, readable

wernoclue:  LOL  Nor I.

wernoclue:  I liked it, too.  Thanks for pulling it back up to our notice, Olle.

beachgal:  no, I wouldnt either

Olle:  Betsy, it let's

us write things

on more than one line like


Blanchard:  I did too for most of the book.

Blanchard:  Ah so. TY.

Olle:  Laughed at the books being tossed at his house.

wernoclue:  Betsy, you just didn't like the first part, right?

wernoclue:  Oh, so did I, Olle.

Olle:  I have a friend from HS named Joe, thought about sending him the book.  But...don't think he'd "get" it.

Blanchard:  No, I just got impatient 3/4 thru. Wanted him to grow up!

Olle:  All he'd comment on is the sex. 

Olle:  Betsy, do you think he did?

Blanchard:  That's it, Olle.

wernoclue:  Sounds like my hubby who was intrigued by the book's opening.

Blanchard:  I think he was on his way at least.

wernoclue:  A very slow learner...

Blanchard:  Wayne yanked him into adulthood along with Carly.

beachgal:  Very self involved

Olle:  Jared helped, too.  don't you think?

Blanchard:  Jared. Remind me?

Olle:  his nephew

wernoclue:  I thought his sudden realization that his dad migh have missed his mom was ... unbelievably dense.

Olle:  I'm not sure Carly did much.  He wanted her, he got her.

Blanchard:  Oh of course. Yes!

Blanchard:  No kidding, Karen!

wernoclue:  Self involved is exactly right, Rema.

Olle:  Yes, Karen.  the author had to tell us a couple of times how Joe thinks he just lost those 17 years.  gave him his excuse for never seeing his dad as a person in that way.

wernoclue:  I mean I know that guys aren't as introspective as women, but seriously...

wernoclue:  Yes.  He definitely did.

wernoclue:  No wonder he passed out at the funeral!

Blanchard:  Carly was a grown up with a good job and I think she met him where adulthood/teenage meet.

Olle:  Betsy, she may have been there.  Not sure he was.

wernoclue:  I wonder what the point of Brad's affair really was in relation to the story.  Seemed sort of irrelevant to me.

Blanchard:  I thought that she and Wayne and yes, Jared were the midwives to his "birth"

wernoclue:  LOL  What a great way to put it, Betsy!

Blanchard:  Yes, I thought so too.

Olle:  let's add Owen (his agent? editor?) in there too.

Blanchard:  He was a big help at the end.

wernoclue:  Yes, he was a part of it.  Although he seemed like he might have lots of issues of his own, too.

Blanchard:  Although his limo was a bit juvenile.

Olle:  I thought Sean (the very mean guy) would admit he helped Sammy over the falls.

wernoclue:  I thought so, too.

Olle:  and thus the coach could no longer help Sean avoid jail.

Blanchard:  That might have been expecting too much of Sean.

wernoclue:  And I was surprised Joe didn't report it when Sean helped him over the falls.

Blanchard:  Yes!

Olle:  Or end up with body length bruises.

wernoclue:  Not that it probably would have done any good, but still...

Blanchard:  Did he feel that isolated?

wernoclue:  Yes, he came out of that tumble fairly well, didn't he?

Blanchard:  The police weren't much help. How did he manage when all the rest who

went over seemingly died?

wernoclue:  Betsy, I think a lot of time people like Joe wouldn't report it because it wouldn't look good for them -- what kind of a wuss are you that you're dumb enough to get in that situation -- that sort of thing.

beachgal:  Surprising he didn

Olle:  welll, they said some died, some were injured. some were ok.

Olle:  but it sounded like most died

wernoclue:  Right.  It wasn't automatically a fall to the death.

Blanchard:  Okay, I didnt' get that. I listened to Joe.

Blanchard:  It's hard to go back over material.

wernoclue:  Are audio verstion condensed?

beachgal:  Yea, his  mother died that way

Olle:  I can't imagine listening to all that throbbing in the pants thing.

wernoclue:  LOL

Olle:  Karen, some are.  just have to read the description

Blanchard:  They can be but I don't buy condensed versions.

wernoclue:  Yes, easier to skim a book than a CD, isn't it?  LOL

Blanchard:  Lol, that was a "take the earbuds out" time!

wernoclue:  I actually wish I could listen but my mind wanders too much.

Olle:  trying to remember, Rema do you know?  was his mom bi=polar?

Blanchard:  Not a CD. It's a download on my iPhone.

wernoclue:  I think she was, Olle. 

beachgal:  I thought she was featured that way

Olle:  lucky neither of the boys are

Olle:  or Jared, right?  it's hereditary to some extent?  no?

Blanchard:  I don't remember that either. Yes, it's genetic. My gs is bipolar and his dad is.

wernoclue:  I think so.

Blanchard:  And I think his other grandmother is too.

wernoclue:  So right on down the line...

Blanchard:  Sigh.

beachgal:  Some times it starts later when their out of the teens

Olle:                  I'm sitting here thinking, if I want to NOT be like Joe, what should I be doing?  how should I be dealing with my life?

Olle:  any general ideas?

Blanchard:  Terrible genes. Our gs was diagnosed at 9.

wernoclue:  Be more introspective and at the same time pay closer attention to those aro8und you.

Olle:  Betsy, long time to carry that load.

Blanchard:  It's terrible. Wrecked his life.

wernoclue:  Introspection and self-involvement aren't the same thing, after all.

wernoclue:  Does he medicate, Betsy?  Or does he refuse>?

Blanchard:  His Dad doesn't get him to a Dr. Can't afford it.

But he's doing better than he did ten yrs ago.

Blanchard:  He can't drive cause his Dad won't insure him and his brother.

Blanchard:  So he's never learned.

Blanchard:  And so....he can't get a job.

Olle:  very isolating.

Blanchard:  He is 23 now.

wernoclue:  We can only hope he will learn to regret the choice to stay with his dad.  But what will happen then?

wernoclue:  Oh, my!  I didn't realize he was that old...

Blanchard:  Good question. Our dd is beside herself but nothing she can do.

wernoclue:  Parenting is so frustrating.

Blanchard:  He was suicidal at 9! No longer.

Olle:  unfortunately there isn't.  just wait and be open

wernoclue:  The only reason we keep reproducing is because we don't understand what it's like before we do it.


We brought him over today to help Curt with yard cleanup. He's so willing!

Blanchard:  oops. Big space.

wernoclue:  Well, there's one good thing.

wernoclue:  Were you playing with the newline button?  LOL

wernoclue:  Olle, I can't believe how fast you got through Joe!

Blanchard:  Sympathetic and smart.

I guess so. I missed the send.

wernoclue:  Ah, mine sends when I return.

Olle:  In the book I thought that because Joe was there it made it seem like Jared/Brad had better hopes for their relationship.

Blanchard:  I told you she was fast!

wernoclue:  Really?  I didn't see that, actually. 

Blanchard:  Brad is another "case" imo.

wernoclue:  And I thought Brad's affair made it even less likely.

Blanchard:  I agree, Karen

wernoclue:  But then again, I've already forgotten a lot and you just finished, Olle.

wernoclue:  Olle, how did you make your font bigger>

Blanchard:  I may have to excuse myself.

Olle:  It gave Brad and Jared a chance to see their relationship through someone else's view.  As Jared opened up to Joe (like the rant about him playing basketball) it means that information can be shared with Brad.

Olle:  the button to the left of the smiley face, I made mine a bigger number.

Blanchard:  As long as Joe plays middleman.

wernoclue:  But shared by whom?  Jared isn't yet ready to talk to his fatgher and it doesn't yet seem like Joe is, either.

wernoclue:  Although I think Jared was a pretty well balanced kid.

wernoclue:  More so than either Brad or Joe.

Olle:  Betsy, I think we all need a middleman sometimes.  As long as we get to a place where we're willing to listen to them.  And not just be defensive.

Blanchard:  Goodnight, guys. I do have to run. Another obligation. I enjoyed Joe ultimately!

Olle:  Karen, but I think they'll get there.

Olle:  bye B!

wernoclue:  I hope so.  I did like Jared.

beachgal:  I thoght they might  have a start to improve relationship, Brad and Joe

Olle:  yes Rema, me too.

wernoclue:  Well, let's hope so.

Olle:  Brad wasn't the hero as much any more, there were things about him Joe didn't want to attain.

wernoclue:  I have to remind myself sometimes that it's only a story and these people aren't real...

Olle:  seeing him more as a person, not just the big brother who could do no wrong in their dad's eyes, being jealous of that relationship, etc.

wernoclue:  True.  And learning that his dad was actually proud of him, something he'd never known before.

wernoclue:  Rema, you did say you liked it, right?

beachgal:  Yes, enjoyed the writing

wernoclue:  That's right -- you said highly readable.  And I totally agree!

Olle:  I'm not sure how much I did.  I am so over the whole Irving-esque male sex obsession. 

wernoclue:  It had a nice flow to it, I think.

Olle:  while it may be true, it's not what I want to read.

wernoclue:  But it's pretty realistic, Olle

wernoclue:  Ah -- well, that I understand.

Olle:  doesn't mean I have to like it LOL

wernoclue:  True.  But we didn't know it would be like that before we read it, did we?

Olle:  but I found it easy to read (obviously)

wernoclue:  I find a lot of the male obsession with sex more amusing now than I used to.

Olle:  time for you to read Garp!

wernoclue:  I did. Years ago. 

Olle:  time for you to re-read Garp!

beachgal:  I didn't find it funny, one reviewer found it     very funny and was laughing out

beachgal:  loud

wernoclue:  LOL -- Maybe.  I just realized it's been nearly 35 years since I read Garp.

Olle:  I found parts I laughed at, but wouldn't call it funny.

wernoclue:  Was that reviewer male, Rema?

beachgal:  I think so

wernoclue:  Did you two watch the video I posted in the chat thread and on FB today?

That one made me chortle aloud...


Olle:  nope, not yet

beachgal:  We did see Joe finally grow up and take more responsobilty for his lief

Olle:  we did?

beachgal:  ooh terrible spelloing

beachgal:  I THOUGHT SO.

Olle:  your font is so small it's not noticeable. hee hee

wernoclue:  Well, yes -- he seemed to be getting there, slowly but... progress was being made.

Olle:  You're right Rema.

beachgal:  He seemed to be able to write again, not crap

wernoclue:  True!  I'd totally forgotten that part!

Olle:  things were looking up there

Olle:  So glad I made the chat, and that you guys were here!  but now I have to forage for food.

Olle:  I am Hungry.

Olle:  with a cap. H.

wernoclue:  And I need a bathroom break at the very least.

Olle:  see all y'all later.

beachgal:  night

wernoclue:  Night. and thanks for coming