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  dlee10: Hello everyone!

 kathylaz: wow. i wasn't sure if i'd be too late or too early

 butrfli425: Hi there!

 dlee10: If I pop off with no warning I've been having trouble with my internet

 kathylaz: although, now that i'm in .... i need to BRB already! sorry...

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 wernoclue: Hi all! So Sorry I'm late.

 dlee10: I just got here too

 butrfli425: Hi Karen! No worries, we are all just getting here (and three minutes doesn't qualify as late)

 wernoclue: Wow. They've made some chat room changes. Hope that means we won't have problems anymore.

 butrfli425: I like that you can make the font bigger!

 wernoclue: Glad to see you here, Deb. You too Kathy as soon as you come back!

 wernoclue: Uhoh... Wonder where the chat history button is...

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 butrfli425: sorry, just wanted to see what the heck that was

 wernoclue: What on earth does that mean?

 butrfli425: I pressed "roll dice"

 wernoclue: Ah.

 wernoclue: O.K. I'm not going to worry about the log. Hopefully I'll be able to save it at the end and if not, then not. Whatever.

 butrfli425: Soooo.... the book?

 wernoclue: How did you all like the book>?

 wernoclue: Ah, V -- you beat me!

 dlee10: I liked some of the wording but the story not so much

 wernoclue: Deb, I saw your comment that it made you sort of melancholic.

 dlee10: I thought it was sad and not much happened and I didn't see the great friendship that the blurb went on about

 wernoclue: I know what you mean. Nice writing but it was really once of those slice of life books where nothing much happens.

 butrfli425: Ha! I liked the wording and the story. I guess having been through some painful situations, I could understand how working at a task could help.

 dlee10: I just felt a bit misled. If I had known that the work was going to be the focus I wouldn't have kept waiting for the friendship to come into play so much

 butrfli425: There were lots of aspects of it - the friendship (which I did see), the "lost love," the uncovering of a mural (and a bit of mystery as to who the person going to hell was).

 wernoclue: I didn't have time to read the blurbs but maybe they were just trying to talk about something?! And Vanessa, I can certainly understand that, but just a moment or two in someone's life. Pleasant but... nothing much happens.

 dlee10: Exactly! Pleasant enough but I wanted more

 wernoclue: Oh, I do think the person going to hell was the body they found. Don't you? The timing was right for it, too.

 butrfli425: It seemed that that was their conclusion as well.

 dlee10: It almost had to have been

 wernoclue: Besides I love the synchronicity of that.

 kathylaz: hello, i'm back.

 wernoclue: Sometimes that sort of tidiness annoys me, in more complex stories, but here it worked for me.

 dlee10: I really disliked the wife and she wasn't even in the book

 wernoclue: Hey, Kathy! So glad you're here tonight!

 wernoclue: Did you read the book!

 kathylaz: just in time for a spoiler, i see.

 wernoclue: ?

 butrfli425: I liked it. I don't think that we were meant to like the wife, Deb!

 wernoclue: Oops... I guess not!

 kathylaz: i have about 20 more pages, so ... the body must be there!

 dlee10: I get that but I Really disliked her out of proportion to how she wasn't in the book lol

 wernoclue: Honestly, I don't think there are many spoilers here. That's the only one!

 kathylaz: that's odd, because she seems to have no presence, really

 wernoclue: LOL Deb.

 butrfli425: I think maybe I have been highly trained in Reading Lots About Nothing - maybe that's why I liked it so well. LOL

 wernoclue: You must have been an English Major!

 dlee10: Perhaps because B was so gentle and loyal and clearly deserved something more than just settling

 kathylaz: i think for me it's suffering in comparison to the other book i'm reading. i think i would have liked it better if i had just focused on it

 kathylaz: and read it all in one sitting

 butrfli425: I disliked the fact that Birkin just accepted and went back to her, knowing she would do it again. He was strong enough to resist Alice, but couldn't break from "duty" to that awful woman?

 wernoclue: BRB -- sorry

 kathylaz: she must need her dinner too LOL

 butrfli425: Karen, I was, of course!

 dlee10: but he didn't think he deserved alice. what with his face and war stories

 butrfli425: I read it in less than 24 hours, so yes, Kathy, that might have helped.

 dlee10: same here

 butrfli425: Deb, I thought the only thing between him and Alice was their marital statuses.

 butrfli425: And honor.

 kathylaz: i kept wondering why he didn't try to get a divorce

 dlee10: I think he was too honorable to go through with a trist

 kathylaz: i agree; he wouldn't have done that

 butrfli425: He should have; he mentions that neither of them have taken steps toward a divorce as though it were possible

 butrfli425: He would have been as bad as his wife

 kathylaz: i loved the scene where they were shopping for the used organ

 kathylaz: i could just hear the noise!

 butrfli425: I thought that was so funny!

 kathylaz: i kept wishing there were more scenes like that

 dlee10: It was sad that he looked at his friend differently after finding out about the dishonorable discharge

 kathylaz: since this author seemed to know how to create the feeling of all the places, and the emotions

 butrfli425: Little snippets of humor throughout - I liked the comment that those with large mustaches tend to be more longwinded during prayer

 kathylaz: and those with short were a bit uptight

 butrfli425: Yep!

 dlee10: There were a lot of very nice scenes in the book. I wonder why it didn't hold up all that well, for me, as a whole

 butrfli425: Deb, I thought that was sad, as well, but maybe true to the period? Less tolerance then? He at least remained friends with him, although he says it was never the same.

 kathylaz: it was a bleak, lonely place ... and i think that's the feeling one is supposed to have in the end


 dlee10: But they never saw one another after that summer did they?

 kathylaz: is that amonkey?

 kathylaz: sorry distracted myself

 dlee10: Bleak is the perfect word to describe how I felt at the end

 kathylaz: i wanted to hear more of moon. he seemed like a good guy, and it was unfortunate that the tolerance was lacking

 butrfli425: Did anyone read the introduction? I thought that was funny - him sending people awards under the guise of being a butcher named Ellerbeck!

 dlee10: I don't think my copy had an intro

 kathylaz: it was a bit odd, and the introductory writer was later mentioned in a book by carr

 butrfli425: I didn't feel that it was bleak at the end. Maybe I like my lit dark and depressing. LOL

 kathylaz: are you a hardy fan?

 butrfli425: Yes, Kathy! I found it funny! Haven't read any Hardy, why?

 dlee10: Well, I am the one always crying for a happy book. But I'm never satisfied with them either.

 kathylaz: dark and depressing lit

 dlee10: The only Hardy I read was Tess...and I liked it.

 kathylaz: i liked Tess too

 kathylaz: so, do we like alice?

 butrfli425: I think I was supposed to read Tess in college but missed it - not enough time.

 wernoclue: Sorry about that. And who's Alice?

 kathylaz: preacher's wife

 butrfli425: Alice Keach, the preacher's wife

 dlee10: I couldn't figure out if Alice was slow maybe or suffering depression or some other mental illness

 wernoclue: Ah. How soon I forget!

 butrfli425: She seemed as lost as Birkin, and unhappy

 kathylaz: and young to be married to someone so dour

 butrfli425: brb - have to check on the fur monster and make sure he isn't chewing anything to pieces

 wernoclue: Deb, I have a friend like that -- always wanted happy books but now that I've got her reading some that aren't so happy, she doesn't like happy ones, either.

 dlee10: But he wasn't so dour at home was he"

 kathylaz: maybe not, but he seemed a bit lost too

 wernoclue: Sherry made a comment about seeing a different side of Keach at the end but I couldn't remember what that was. Do you?

 kathylaz: maybe that's the point, all these lost souls

 dlee10: I feel like I find something to complain about in everything. I've really got to stop that!

 butrfli425: LOL Deb!

 dlee10: I can't remember anything other than thinking it was a good point

 wernoclue: Oh, I do the same thing far too often. I can be so hypercritical!

 butrfli425: Perhaps, and possibly that's the reason Birkin left - no longer lost? He could have stayed if he truly wanted to

 butrfli425: I think toward the end Keach himself points out that he was "not always like this," etc.

 kathylaz: ooo, interesting

 wernoclue: Ah, but Vinny called him back and Alice was gone.

 dlee10: That is true. That was the one thing I liked. Until I started to think that he left because he didn't think he could bring the shame of the wayward wife there.

 butrfli425: Alice didn't move, though - he knew where she lived. She was just not at home when he went there

 wernoclue: Really? I thought they were gone in the night. Moved away.

 dlee10: I don't remember!

 wernoclue: It wasn't spelled out, but that was the feeling I got.

 butrfli425: Their house was already bare as it was, so it was described as such - but I didn't see that they had moved away

 wernoclue: (Poor Kathy -- we're just completely spoiling the last 20 pages!)

 kathylaz: ah, that's ok

 butrfli425: sorry :/

 kathylaz: like i said, this book is suffering in comparison

 dlee10: oh. sorry.

 kathylaz: oddly, they both take place around WW1

 wernoclue: You're probably right, V -- it would be really unusual for the preacher to steal away in the night, wouldn't it?

 butrfli425: LOL! Yeah, when you put it that way...

 butrfli425: seems unlikely

 wernoclue: What other book is around WW1 Kathy? I missed some stuff back there.

 dlee10: Didn't he go back years later though? They could have moved in a normal fashion.

 butrfli425: I wondered if he knew of the possibility of anything going on between his wife and Birkin - seemed like he was in a hurry to get rid of him

 wernoclue: I thought it said he never went there again except in memory.

 butrfli425: He never went back

 kathylaz: i'm listening to "birds without wings", and it's also set around WWI, although mostly the ottoman empire/turkey

 wernoclue: Ah, that's right. I did add that one to my list. I have a really long list!

 dlee10: Oh, I really have a terrible memory. It's not like I read this book all that long ago!

 butrfli425: I didn't even know Bernieres had written another - loved Corelli! But Birds sounds daunting / confusing

 wernoclue: I had read a review or something of Birds and wasn't intrigued until Kathy talked about it.

 kathylaz: i'm not finding it that way, but maybe it's because the audio has a great narrator

 wernoclue: And so much of what we like in books is about mood.

 kathylaz: even though it's bleak, there's a lot of character in it. not like the sterile bleak i'm feeling in 'month in the country'

 kathylaz: and it's odd, because it's set in summer, so it should feel very bright and airy

 wernoclue: I think I would have liked this month's book a whole lot more if I'd been in a different mood. As it was I'm just really neutral about it.

 butrfli425: I am in the minority. I really liked it and loved the narrator especially

 dlee10: It's not as bleak as that horrible one about the house with the nutty people that we read a while ago.

 kathylaz: i know exactly which one you mena!

 kathylaz: mean

 wernoclue: Which one?

 butrfli425: I liked this bit at the end: immediately thought of juxtaposing it with Gatsby's "Can't repeat the past? Of course you can!"

 butrfli425: "We can ask and ask but we can't have again what once seemed ours forever... They've gone and you can only wait for the pain to pass."

 kathylaz: sad

 wernoclue: Deb, was it the Louise Erdrich book? Taht I can't think of the title...

 kathylaz: i thought it was set in england, the one deb meant

 kathylaz: i can't remember the name

 wernoclue: The Little Friend?

 dlee10: I can't think of the title either. It's going to bug me all night. Yes, it was set in England.

 wernoclue: I was thinking about that one the other day but we read that more than 3 years ago.

 butrfli425: And this part in the following paragraph - aligns with how Gatsby views Daisy: "So, in memory, it stays as I left it, a sealed room furnished by the past, airless, still, ink long dry on a put-down pen."

 butrfli425: Just the teacher in me. LOL

 wernoclue: Vanessa, I liked that passage, too, because it's so true, but it is sort of sad. Melancholy.

 kathylaz: i can see the comparisons

 butrfli425: The Little Stranger?

 dlee10: Did you see that new movie? The attractions made it look strange

 butrfli425: It is sad

 butrfli425: What new movie?

 wernoclue: Yes -- I think I meant The Little Stranger.

 kathylaz: i don't think that's the one I thought

 butrfli425: Gatsby? It was okay - I wasn't thrilled with it, but it's much better than the previous versions

 dlee10: Yes. THe little Stranger. That was it. The house was crumbling all around with no hope of anything better

 butrfli425: The Little Stranger was one in which even the house was nutty, wasn't it?

 kathylaz: we just watched the redford version of gatsby ... wow it was stiff

 butrfli425: I liked that one! Haha!

 wernoclue: The old house, post-WWI. I was thinking about how they almost married each other for completely wrong reasons: he because he wanted to live in that house and she because she desperately wanted to get away from it.

 butrfli425: I HATE the Redford version. Blech.

 dlee10: I've never watched Gatsby as a movie. I did like the book very much but that was so long ago, I probably don't remember it correctly

 kathylaz: i was surprised to discover it was written by francis ford coppola

 butrfli425: In The Little Stranger? I remember the feel of it more than anything else

 butrfli425: Really... I didn't know that. I thought it was all Baz. Inserted some dialogue and this whole other element of a psychiatrist that I didn't care for

 dlee10: It was a terrible feel. Very oppressive

 wernoclue: Generally that's all I remember, too. Don't know why it all sort of floated back into my brain the other day. Made me want to read it again.

 wernoclue: BRB

 butrfli425: I liked it enough to possibly read again, or maybe just another of hers because that's the only one I've read (sarah waters, I think?)

 kathylaz: we read 2 as a group, right

 kathylaz: ?

 butrfli425: I think so, but I only read the one

 dlee10: We read another of her books didn't we? Yes, Fingersmith

 butrfli425: or fingerpost?

 kathylaz: ah, yes. fingersmith was better

 kathylaz: ian something wrote instance of a fingerpost

 dlee10: That one was creepy too though

 butrfli425: oh, that's right. ian pears

 dlee10: Pears?

 butrfli425: didn't read that one, either. Missed lots while my kids were younger and I was in school - more than I do now!

 kathylaz: if you ever get a chance, go back to read that one. it's worth it

 dlee10: I've been in a slump but I'm hoping to climb out soon

 butrfli425: which, fingersmith or fingerpost?

 kathylaz: fingerpost

 dlee10: I liked them both but they were very different

 kathylaz: what will tempt you from your slump, deb?

 butrfli425: No idea what I'm going to go onto next - I made a list for the summer, but it's probably too ambitious

 butrfli425: something happy?

 wernoclue: I've been in a bit of a slump, too. I'm climbing out with an ARC of the new Chevy Stevens thriller.

 dlee10: I've got a mystery going at the moment. Susanne Allyn's Ravel mystery set in Revolutionary France. I like the main character but the writing can be a bit dry

 kathylaz: my TBR leaped by 8 inches (4 books) this week .... but Bad Monkey and Lie Still are top of the list.

 dlee10: I have an arc but I can't even remember the title. I really should figure that out! Happy book would be nice.

 wernoclue: I'm looking forward to Lie Still.

 kathylaz: i was thrilled that the review copy was sent to me by the publisher!

 wernoclue: I saw that and was properly jealous.

 dlee10: There was a book about a Maine game warden called the Ranger that was good. There should be more of them out by now

 wernoclue: But not really. I get plenty of review copies from LT and SA.

 kathylaz: aw

 kathylaz: a mystery, deb?

 dlee10: yes. I never figure them out. I really don't even try. I just like getting to the big finish in the end

 wernoclue: I don't really try either, Deb. I'm there for the journey as much as the ending.

 kathylaz: i go along for the ride. i'm disappointed when i can figure them out. i think the author didn't try hard enough!

 dlee10: That's it. Mysteries are good because they have a bit of everything

 wernoclue: LOL Same here. Good way to put it.

 wernoclue: Anyone going to get a great summer vacation in this year?

 kathylaz: not really. same old (up to CT for husband's family reunion)

 wernoclue: Well, that's something!

 butrfli425: We have been running around nonstop with the kids. I'm tired. We are going to spend a week or so in Vegas; everything else has been for the kids' dance competitions or with my in-laws (not relaxing).

 wernoclue: Of Course, Kathy, you live in the vacation capital of the country all year long!

 kathylaz: true enough

 butrfli425: Yeah, why go anywhere?

 kathylaz: and v, vegas is not relaxing, i hear!

 wernoclue: Where do your in-laws live, Vanessa?

 butrfli425: the giant pool and lazy river are, though!

 wernoclue: No -- I don't find Vegas relaxing. I got too old for it a long time ago.

 wernoclue: Hubby likes the craps tables. I don't care one bit about gambling and I get hot and sweaty laying around a pool.

 butrfli425: they live about fifteen minutes from here. we went to havasu with them. Before we left, I should have done the math and realized their intent: to cram 17 people, seven of whom were children, three of those infants. Kill me.

 butrfli425: We don't gamble in Vegas when we take the kids.

 butrfli425: oops - cram us all in a trailer!

 kathylaz: sounds like a movie 'vacation'

 wernoclue: Oh gag. Not at ALL relaxing. I would have shot myself first, V -- no bullett left for you.

 butrfli425: sounds like hell

 butrfli425: LOL Karen!

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 wernoclue: Oops. What happened to Deb? Weird message.

 kathylaz: i think i have my sound up too loud. deb's departure scared me

 wernoclue: Too long inactive, maybe?

 kathylaz: didn't she say she was having internet issues?

 wernoclue: It scared me, too, Kathy -- and I don't think its all that loud.

 butrfli425: And I'm a light sleeper. So that didn't help. The first night one of my SILs was yelling at the other to get up and get her baby... then the other SIL and her boyfriend started arguing... good times.

 wernoclue: Yes she did. I forgot.

 butrfli425: she did say that

 wernoclue: Oh, gracious. Why can't people refrain from fighting in front of others? Put a good face on it and save the bickering for home, for pity's sake. Or for my sake.

 butrfli425: exactly... and definitely not when fifteen other people are trying to sleep in the same room.

 kathylaz: did they realize how uncomfortable they were making people?

 wernoclue: Well, ladies. Unexpectedly my step-daughter showed up here tonight. Her wedding dress came in and the size is wrong and they won't change it. (Sort of long story) So I hate to bail early, but I think I'm going to.

 butrfli425: They don't care. Social skills are not their forte.

 wernoclue: Not that I can fix the dress, but...

 kathylaz: good luck with that

 wernoclue: Vanessa -- sounds like my sister. Ar they alcoholics, too? *snort*

 wernoclue: See you later.

 kathylaz: bye. i'm heading out too. bye v

 butrfli425: Oh, that doesn't sound good. Good luck! I copied & pasted most of the chat if you want me to email it (if you need it).

 butrfli425: bye, all!

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 wernoclue: I think I got it all. It didn't seem to eat it as time passed. But save it in case... Thanks

 wernoclue: !

 butrfli425: Ok, will do! Have a good night!