This is completed Test bank for Wong's Essentials of The chidhood Nursing 9th Edition by Hockenberry.

Wong's Essentials of Pediatric Nursing continues to be a core text book that all children's breastfeeding student needs to have at their finger tips to compliment lecture notes and also to assist them to integrate theory and practice. This is a great book, it is very easy to read and understand and if you put in the work you will see results.

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When it comes to caring for children, no other resource better prepares you for practice than Wong's Essentials of Pediatric Nursing. Authored by Marilyn Hockenberry and David Wilson, two of the most well-known and respected names in the field, Wong's features the most legible, up-to-date, and accurate content available. An abundance of full-color illustrations helps you visualize key concepts, and highlighted boxes and tables offer quick access to essential facts and information. Plus, when you buy this book, you get unlimited access to hands-on study tools that help you learn pediatric nursing essentials with ease!

Table of Items

Test bank for Wong's Essentials of Pediatric Nursing 9th Release by Hockenberry

Chapter you: Perspectives of Pediatric Nursing
Chapter 2: Community-Based Breastfeeding Care of the kid and Family
Chapter 3: Family members Influences on Child Well being Promotion
Chapter 4: Social, Cultural, and Religious Affects on Child zealth Campaign
Chapter 5: Developmental Influences on Child Health Campaign
Chapter 6: Communication and Physical Assessment of the Child
Chapter 7: Soreness Assessment and Management in Children
Chapter 8: Wellness Promotion of the Newborn and Family
Chapter 9: Health Problems of Infants
Unit Four: Infancy
Part 10: Health Promotion of the Infant and Family
Part 11: Health Problems of Infants
Unit Five: Early on Childhood
Chapter 12: Health Promotion of the Young child and Family members
Chapter 13: Health Promotion of the Preschooler and Family
Chapter 14: Health Problems of Small children and Young children
Unit Six: Middle Childhood and Age of puberty
Chapter 15: Health Advertising of the School-Age Kid and Family members
Chapter 16: Health Promotion of the Adolescent and Family
Chapter 17: Health issues of School-Age Children and Adolescents
Part 18: Chronic Illness, Impairment, or End-of-Life Care for the Child and Family members
Unit Seven: The Child and Family with Particular Needs
Chapter 18: Long-term Illness, Disability, or End-of-Life Take care of the Child and Family
Chapter 19: Influence of Cognitive or Sensory Impairment on the Child and Family
Chapter 20: Family-Centered Home Treatment
Device Eight: Impact of Hospitalization on the Child and Family
Chapter 21: Family-Centered Care of the Kid During Illness and Hospitalization
Chapter 22: Pediatric Variations of Nursing Interventions
Unit Nine: Your child with Complications Related to the Transfer of Oxygen and Nutritional
Chapter 23: Your child with Respiratory Dysfunction
Chapter twenty-four: The Child with Gastrointestinal Dysfunction
Unit Ten: The kid with Problems Related to the availability and Circulation of Blood
Chapter 25: The Child with Cardiovascular Malfunction
Chapter 26: The Kid with Hematologic or Immunologic Malfunction
Unit Eleven: The Child with a Hindrance of Regulatory Mechanisms
Chapter 27: The kid with Genitourinary Dysfunction
Chapter 28: The Child with Cerebral Malfunction
Chapter 29: The kid with Endocrine Dysfunction
Chapter 30: The Child with Integumentary Dysfunction
Unit Twelve: The Child with a Problem That Disrupts Physical Mobility
Part 31: The Child with Musculoskeletal or Articular Dysfunction
Chapter 32: The Child with Neuromuscular or Muscular Dysfunction

Product Particulars

Series: Wong's Essentials of The chidhood Nursing
Paperback: 1224 web pages
Publisher: Mosby; 9 model (October 2, 2012)
Language: English
ISBN-10: 0323083439
ISBN-13: 978-0323083430

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