Test Bank for Clinical Calculations With Applications to General and Specialty Areas 7th Edition by Joyce Kee, Sally MarshallInstant download and all chapter Test Bank for Clinical Calculations With Applications to General and Specialty Areas 7th Edition by Joyce Kee, Sally MarshallThis is View Free Sample of  Test Bank for Clinical Calculations With Applications to General and Specialty Areas 7th Edition by Joyce Kee, Sally Marshallhttps://getbooksolutions.com/wp-content/uploads/2017/05/Test-Bank-for-Clinical-Calculations-With-Applications-to-General-and-Specialty-Areas-7th-Edition-by-Joyce-Kee-Sally-Marshall.pdfProduct descriptionThe only text that covers all four major methods of drug calculation, Clinical Calculations: With Applications to General and Specialty Areas, 7th Edition emphasizes patient safety above all else. It reflects the medications used in clinical practice today, with clear guidelines on the latest drug administration forms, techniques, and devices for both general and specialty areas. Plus, its user-friendly format and abundance of practice problems make it easy to understand and apply key drug calculation concepts.Key Features of  Clinical CalculationsCoverage of all 4 major drug calculation methods ― ratio & proportion, formula, fractional equation, and dimensional analysis ― allows you to apply the method that works best for you.A section on specialty areas and lifespan prepares you for the wide range of clinical calculations needed to practice in pediatric, critical care, labor & delivery, and community settings.Caution boxes alert you to problems or issues related to various drugs and their administration.A comprehensive post-test enables you to test your understanding of key concepts from the text.Current drug information ensures you are familiar with the most commonly used drugs in clinical practice.Up-to-date content on the latest drug administration techniques and devices helps you master the various forms of drug administration, including oral, intravenous, intra-muscular, subcutaneous, and other routes.Remember boxes identify pertinent concepts you should commit to memory.Note boxes emphasize important points related to concepts presented in each chapter.  Link download full:https://getbooksolutions.com/download/test-bank-for-clinical-calculations-with-applications-to-general-and-specialty-areas-7th-edition-by-joyce-kee-sally-marshall/Table of Contents for test bank Clinical CalculationsPart I: Basic Math Review
Part II: Systems, Conversion, and Methods of Drug Calculation
Part II of test bank Clinical Calculations include:
1.  Systems Used for Drug Administration
2.  Conversion Within the Metric, Apothecary, and Household Systems
3.  Interpretation of Drug Labels, Drug Orders, Bar Codes, MAR and eMAR, Automation of Medication Dispensing Administration, and Abbreviations
4.  NEW! Prevention of Medication Errors
5.  Alternative Methods for Drug Administration
6.  Methods of Calculation
7.  Methods of Calculation for Individualized Drug Dosing
Part III: Calculations of Oral, Injectable, and Intravenous Drugs
Part III of test bank Clinical Calculations include:
8.  Oral and Enteral Preparations with Clinical Applications
9.  Injectable Preparations with Clinical Applications
10.  Intravenous Preparations with Clinical Applications
Part IV: Calculations for Specialty Areas
Part IV of test bank Clinical Calculations include:
11.  Pediatrics
12.  Critical Care
13.  Pediatric Critical Care
14.  Labor and Delivery
15.  Community Product detailsPaperback: 416 pagesPublisher: Saunders; 7 edition (March 14, 2012)Language: EnglishISBN-10: 1455703842ISBN-13: 978-1455703845If you have a question or request about Test Bank for Clinical Calculations With Applications to General and Specialty Areas 7th Edition by Joyce Kee, Sally Marshall, our client services department will have an answer for you. We certainly try to respond to all emails as fast as possible. You can expect an email as soon as possible.You can send an email to  [email protected]People Also Search:Test bank calculations clinicalmedication calculation test bankTest bank medical dosage calculations Test bank anatomy coloring bookessential oils desk reference test bankTest bank anatomy and physiology for dummies clinical calculations test bankTest bank acls study guide