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Product Description

Kozier & Erb's Basic principles of Nursing 9th Edition thoroughly addresses the important thing principles of modern day professional breastfeeding, helping nurses grow and evolve to fulfill the demands of a drastically changing health care system. The Ninth Edition's content has been systematically revised to indicate new evidence, and a more powerful emphasis on aging, wellbeing, safety, and home- and community-based care. Its targets have been updated and mapped to back up QSEN Expertise, AACN Essentials, the NCLEX-RN(R) 2010 test plan, and the 2010 ANA Range and Standards of Practice. Coverage includes: health promotion, disease prevention, holistic proper care, multiculturalism, nursing theories, informatics, research, ethics, advocacy, and many other topics. Created for use with any medical theory or conceptual platform, this edition contains several new pedagogical features, including new Safety and Self-Care alerts. Standalone book.
Desk of Contents

Unit 1 ) The Nature of Breastfeeding

1. Historical and Modern day Nursing Practice

2. Evidence-Based Practice and Research in Nursing

3. Nursing Hypotheses and Conceptual Frameworks

4. Legal Areas of Nursing

5. Values, Ethics and Advocation

Unit 2 . Contemporary Well being Care

6. Health Care Delivery Systems

7. Community Nursing and Care Continuity

main. Home Care

9. Digital Health Records and Information Technology

Unit 3. The Nursing Process

10. Critical Thinking and Nursing Practice

11. Assessing

12. Figuring out

13. Planning

14. Implementing and Evaluating

15. Creating and Reporting

Unit 4. Health Beliefs and Practices

16. Health Promotion

18. Health, Wellness, and Illness

18. Culture and Heritage

19. Complementary and Alternative Healing Modalities

Unit 5. Life Span Development

20. Concepts of Growth and Development

21. Promoting Well being from Conception through Teenage years

22. Promoting Health in Young and Middle-Aged Adults

23. Promoting Health in Older Adults

24. Promoting Family Health

Unit a few. Integrated Aspects of Nursing

25. Caring

26. Communicating

27. Teaching

28. Leading, Managing, and Delegating

Product 7. Assessing Health

29. Vital Signs

30. Well being Evaluation

Unit 8. Essential Components of Client Care

31. Asepsis

32. Safety

thirty-three. Health

34. Diagnostic Screening

35. Medications

36. Epidermis Integrity and Wound Treatment

37. Perioperative Nursing

Product 9. Promoting Psychosocial Well being

38. Sensory Perception

39. Self-Concept

40. Sexuality

41. Spiritual techniques

42. Stress and Dealing

43. Loss, Grieving, and Death

Unit 10. Promoting Physiological Health

forty-four. Activity and Exercise

45. Sleep

46. Pain Administration

47. Nutrition

48. Urinary Removal

49. Fecal Removal

50. Oxygenation

51. Circulation

52. Fluid, Electrolyte, and Acid-Base Balance
Product Details

Hardcover: 1632 pages
Author: Pearson; 9 edition (January 6, 2011)
Language: English language
ISBN-10: 0138024618
ISBN-13: 978-0138024611
Product Dimensions: 8. 8 x 2. 3 back button 10. 9 inches

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